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Living Our Best Lives!

Living Our Best Lives!
(Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

I had only spent two days at Mide's place when I realised that something was very wrong.On my first night at her place, she trudged in after a hard and long day's work, looking bowed under the effect of the  difficult commute between the island, where she worked and the mainland, where she lived. My heart went out to her and, I was glad I had taken the liberty of using her kitchen to prepare dinner for both of us.A week before, I had called my friend from my place of residence in Abeokuta, letting her know I would be  in Lagos for a three-day training. I'd asked if she could accommodate me for some days.She was elated and sounded excited about my request and I was sure she looked forward to it. I also did. Though finally being able to get on-board with the other trainees who would be learning from world-class chocolatier and baker Jess Sanders was like a dream come true for me, the fact that I would be coming home daily to …
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Little things...

Little things (Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

I love to cuddle and snuggle under the warmth of my covers whenever the rain begins to drizzle. But then, I can't help but get goosebumps when I realise that this same weather I'm loving and relishing is what accounts for a bad day for someone else. 
Someone out there in the dead cold of the night as the rain pours and I snore blissfully away is homeless and quaking to the bones. 
I'm glad for the weather but he is wondering why God hates him so and then in those moments I pull off the sheets, pull my knees up and say "thank you Jesus!"
You wake up each day and all you want is to raise the amount in your bank account by a wheeone with a less paying job is going crazy about how to come up with hundreds of thousands a week, to take care of his ailing aged mother. 
You see, the littlest things, those ones that are supposedly normal, are sometimes the biggest miracles in our lives. Why?
This is because we never asked for them, in fa…

A Drunk Driver!

A Drunk Driver!
(Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

Two Wednesdays ago, after what felt like the craziest day of my life- between unfairly demanding superiors at work, a close shave with a query and Lagos hellish traffic, as I settled in for the night just before I put away my phone, it dinged and I saw a notification of a new WhatsApp message from my aunt in Alberta, Canada.I shot upright in bed and with positive anticipation rushing through my vein for the first time that day and opened the message she had for me. It was a voice note.My aunt's an enigmatic person with a personality that calls, "Come hither." She's quite different from every other related older person in my life and I can't forget the numerous times I'd run to her when I was confused and at crossroads over important life decisions.She's always had a way of pointing me in the right direction and if there ever was a woman I know in whom the Spirit of God dwells, it's Aunt Abigail.Dare I forget …


Guilt-free(Written by Joy A. Adewumi)
It was a beautiful rainy and cool Friday evening, perfect TGIF mood and perfect recipe for blankets, desserts and Netflix, but Rhoda was killing the mood without even trying.Rather than the normal talkativeness at the table as we took light dinner before settling into the delicious order of the evening, my roommate was brooding and pushing around my legendary Jollof rice on her plate. She hadn't even eaten a grain.I had plans for tonight, beautiful plans that did not involve pulling out a moody best friend out of her melancholy, but apparently there had to be some adjustments to the plan.'Madam, I don't know if you've noticed but you aren't eating.' I commented after a while.'I don't have an appetite.' The human being had the effrontery to say! She was kidding right? This is my legendary, literally award-winning Jollof rice we are talking about here!
Even invalids develop appetites when my Jollof rice is on the …

While You Wait

While You Wait! (Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

Okay before you discard this and move on to the next important thing, I'd like to say this is not an article talking about  waiting for that Mr/Miss Right.  Nah, though it might apply.
Stay tuned...
For some months now, I've been pursuing something and it's been more elusive than I anticipated. 
Whenever I think of how I've invested so much in it, financially, emotionally and even mentally, it's hard not to feel down and melancholic at how everywhere I turn I meet with either a closed door or a dead end.
And my melancholy and worry is usually so evident that even those around me notice and talk against it all the time, but don't blame me, disappointments have a way of bringing you to an all-time low.
However, I've learnt to take everything to God in prayer. 
I'm a firm believer of the fact that God is interested in every aspect of our daily lives. He's aware of our desires, dreams and aspirations and when they tall…

...Written Aforetime

...Written Aforetime (Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

My Bible study plan has been taking me through the books of the Kings and the Chronicles of the Kings in recent times and if you are conversant with this part of the Bible, you'll most likely be able to relate with the tiny ray of hope you hold out for a each new King, especially of Judah, who ascends the throne.
Each time you're probably thinking, "Maybe, just maybe this one would be better than his father, or maybe he'll serve God more wholeheartedly than his father." 
Then somehow, he does something wrong and you are grossly disappointed especially if he started out well.
Then you are just hoping somehow before he dies, he makes his way right with his God, but no written evidence proves he does.
This rollercoaster has had me thinking and I can't help but remember that this characters were real people who lived at a time and that was the summary of their lives. Their mistakes, their stubbornness and their shortcomi…

Able and Faithful

Able and Faithful
(Written by Joy A. Adewumi)

I paced the hospital lobby as mum was rushed into the emergency ward. She just suffered a cardiac arrest and as I paced my whole body trembled. My knees were about to buckle and I knew only adrenaline was keeping me vertical. It was an obvious situation but at the same time I was finding it hard to accept.How many times had I heard of it? Someone going into cardiac arrest. A friend's parent, a lecturer, a senior colleague, but somehow seeing my mum wheeled away gave me a rude awakening! It was my mum! Yet it felt surreal. I wanted to grasp at something. Anything. My head was spinning and my eyes burned. I didn't want to cry. Crying would only make it real and though I had seen it and heard the doctor give a diagnosis, I didn't want to believe it yet.Would she make it? She hadn't always been the healthiest of people? Would her heart survive it? What if she didn't make it? What would I do? Stop! Stop! Amaka, don't go th…